Animal Games - Page 7

Play Dolphin Volleyball Game

Play volleyball as a dolphin against the computer or against friends.

Play BeaverZ Game

Direct the beavers' trampoline with your mouse and bounce the bunnies to the opposite shore. Hit ...

Play Gator Duck Hunt Game

Daddy Gator and the baby gator are hungry. They need to hunt something to feed their empty stomac...

Play Alice In ClumsyLand Game

Adults almost never believe in The Wonderlands... But The Wonderland believes in you! And only yo...

Play Animal Dentist Game

These animals are gonna go wild when they see their stunning new smiles!

Play Animal Park Decoration Game

Add some zip and zing to the zoo!

Play Animal Adoption Center Game

Wanted: A loving home for cute little critters.

Play Animal Cubes Game

You’ll go totally wild for this fantastically furry version of Mahjong.

Play Animal Rescue Zoo Game

These endangered animals will need some extra loving and care to make it to their new homes!

Play Animal Shelter Decoration Game

These homeless pets deserve a splash of style!

Play Angel Cat Dress Up Game

Because even kitties like to put life on “paws” to create a “purrfect” look.

Play N.Y. Rex Game

NY Rex welcomes back the most dangerous city smashing, people eating, car crushing dinosaur any m...

Play Stunt Karts Game

Your new favorite Monkey has learned how to drive and race Go Karts, ATVs, and cars! Your new pal...

Play Puppy Fetch Game

Play Puppy Fetch Game

Play Grapple Cat Game

Escape a deadly tsunami in this one-button platform runner! Hop, leap, and grappling-hook your wa...

Play Sound Fly Game

Fly your little plane, avoid crows and catch balloons for score bonuses. Mouse to move the plane....

Play Bazzy Worm Game

Play Bazzy Worm Game

Play A Stroll In Space Game

Cooperate with your pet monkey to escape the tentacles of a giant space monster.

Play Brawler Bear Arena Game

Fight your way to the top as a Gladiator Bear in this epic RPG-brawler. Craft items depending on ...

Play Dillo Hills Game

This tiny armadillo's biggest dream is to fly through the air like a bird. Build up speed by roll...

Play Spiters Annihilation 3 Game

The monsters are back and want revenge, get rid of them all.

Play Angel of The Battlefield Game

When the time get tough, the tough get going. Help the wounded rabbits! The battlefield is full w...

Play Angel of The Battlefield 2 Game

The brave rabbit is back to the battlefield, now he had to save the pilots out of the crashed air...

Play Freeway Fury 2 Game

Jump from vehicle to vehicle your way down the highway as quickly as you can.

Play Bear Family Game

Play Bear Family Game

Play Bear House Game

Play Bear House Game

Play Ghostbombers 2 Game

Take a role of one of the ghostbombers and show those ghosts who's the boss! Throw grenades, blow...

Play Chuppy Shills Game

The Chuppy-Shills animals are scared and can't find the way home. Bring them back home, using you...

Play Cookie Hamster Game

Play with hamsters and feed them with cookies!

Play Freeway Fury 3 Game

Unleash your rage on a freeway as you jump from vehicle to vehicle.

Play Beaver Brothers Game

Play Beaver Brothers Game

Play Bee and Bear Game

Play Bee and Bear Game

Play Nyan Force Game

Nyan Force is the best diving and shooting game at the moment. You are the commander of the subma...

Play Porcupine Pop Game

Play Porcupine Pop Game

Play Afra Fly Game

Flutter among the finest safari animals!


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