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Play Run 3 Game

Run, skate, float, bounce, and/or jump your way through even more space tunnels! Don't worry if t...

Play Chin Up Shin Up Game

Help Haru climb as high as he can and not lose the swag! Get more stylish goodies for Haru by col...

Play Astro Digger (Mobile) Game

Meet Astrodigger and give him aid in collecting gold and minerals. Astrodigger appears on the ali...

Play The Video Game of Life Game

There's more than just the goal, experience life in this platformer game!

Play Monster Frontier Game

Play Monster Frontier Game

Play Krazy Karts 3D Game

It is madness! Race through 4 super cool levels attacking opponents with weapons you collect duri...

Play Mario Jump Star Game

Select your favourite character and Help him to run and jump as far as possible, collect coins an...

Play Mustached Driller Game

Play Mustached Driller Game

Play Heavy Pawnage Game

Play Heavy Pawnage Game

Play Amil Game

Your friend's pets have fallen into a deep hole, bring them back to the surface.

Play Air Battle Game

Mid-air cannonball fights with hot air balloons. Take down enemy balloons to complete the levels.

Play Horse Grooming 3 Game

Choose your horse and prepare her ready for the show or for riding around the paddock. Now you ca...

Play Infectonator World Dominator Game

Infect the entire world with your mutant zombie virus.

Play Monster Crusade Game

Defend your kingdoms from the evil necromancer and his army of monsters!

Play Patih Araya Game

Many years ago strange creatures existed It took a warrior to bring peace to the remains of human...

Play Notebook Space Wars 2 Game

Check out the ultimate notebook wars! 2 New Gamemodes and Storyline!

Play Rival Ninja Stole My Homework Game

No excuse! Get your homework back in this level based one button runner featuring ninjas!

Play Red Girl In The Woods Game

Red Girl is in the fantasy forest, collecting golds. He needs to pick all of them in order to fin...

Play Infectonator - Xmas Game

Infect humanity with your Zombie virus. Left click near people to start the infection. The diseas...

Play The Sun For The Vampire Game

Play the new amazing puzzle platformer about the Vampire who want to see the Sun. You must help h...

Play Super Angel Wings Game

Super Angel Wings is a fantasy bullet hell shooter. Fight with Docens of enemys and hundred of bu...

Play Super Baby Game

It ended the reign of Super Mario, it's time for Super Baby! an exciting game where you must help...

Play Valiant Knight Saves The Princess Game

One valiant knight goes to an abandoned castle on the way will have to solve challenging puzzles,...

Play Night Shade Game

You're a ninja and you're on the run. Escape into victory by speeding up, activating special quic...

Play Last Wings 2 Game

The enemies are coming we are under attack its time to use the project WINGS again

Play Raft Wars Game

Team up with your brother to rule the beach.

Play Gravity Duck 2 Game

Play Gravity Duck 2 Game

Play Valentiner Game

Play Valentiner Game

Play Wackio Game

Play Wackio Game

Play Money Miner Game

Play Money Miner Game

Play Money Miner 2 Game

Money Miner is back and this time he is off the rainforest to find some ancient treasures! Collec...

Play Legend of Larry Game

Play Legend of Larry Game

Play Tentacle Beast Game

Play Tentacle Beast Game

Play Squirrel Escape Game

Play Squirrel Escape Game

Play Frantic Planes Game

The Monkey King is desperate, very perverse planes come to steal all his gold and his most precio...


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