Shotfirer Game

Shotfirer Game

Explore the different rooms in Kruft's Old Mine and try to find all its treasures! Blow parts of the mine up, watch out for the dangerous creatures and try to collect all 3 diamonds in each level. Can you find the ancient artifact?

skill obstacle stairs action adventure platform blasting bomb pushing crate crawl button pressing traps diamond collecting reach the goal wooden boxes old mine ancient artifact ruby treasure hunter spike trap dynamite blasting monster miner gemstone treasure collecting box diamond tnt bomb blasting crate dynamite pushing exit button

ancient artifact bomb blasting box button button pressing collecting crate diamond diamond collecting dynamite dynamite blasting exit gemstone miner monster old mine pushing pushing crate reach the goal ruby spike trap tnt treasure treasure hunter wooden boxes

Developer/Sponsor : FunnyGames

Alt Bilgi

Sayfa Süre : 00:00:00.0004342
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