Strike Force Heroes Game

Strike Force Heroes Game

shooting action adventure rifle reflexion target airplane bomb guns platform skill rocket defense ak 47 soldier challenge arena assassination mp5 survival traps laboratory operation uzi rpg automatic rifle bloody assassin mine placement military scientists gatling glock trapping team stinger blue team sniper pistol ocean opponent accuracy hero blue jumping against the computer throwing rocket launch attack fire armed squad moving target blood crate drop bombs time bomb rocket launcher machine gun mine invisibility commando hiding

accuracy against the computer ak 47 arena armed assassin assassination attack automatic rifle blood bloody blue blue team challenge commando crate defense drop bombs fire gatling glock hero hiding invisibility jumping laboratory machine gun military mine mine placement moving target mp5 ocean operation opponent pistol rocket rocket launch rocket launcher rpg scientists skill sniper soldier squad stinger survival team throwing time bomb trapping traps uzi

Developer/Sponsor : Sky9, ArmorGames, Not Doppler

Alt Bilgi

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