The Last Dinosaurs Game

The Last Dinosaurs Game

What if I told you some dinosaurs survived the extinction, forced to live underground until one day they could rise again. Lead your revolution to victory against the evil cat empire and secure freedom for your people! Buy upgrades, manage your team and shoot guinea pigs strapped to rockets against a host of colourful animal enemies! Then when you complete the game, the fight rages on in endless mode!

action shooting animal dog rocket rifle guns platform heavy machine gun gold flamethrower bomb blasting coin revive grenade throwing bloody arena shotgun silver armed dinosaur attack arena pistol pig collecting jumping blasting grenade squad cat armed machine gun

arena armed armed dinosaur attack blasting bloody arena bomb blasting cat coin collecting grenade grenade throwing heavy machine gun jumping machine gun pig pistol revive shotgun silver squad

Developer/Sponsor : Kongregate, Jay Armstrong

Alt Bilgi

Sayfa Süre : 00:00:00.0002869
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