Zombie Takedown Game

Zombie Takedown Game

Zombie Takedown is a First Person Shooter game. It's a zombie killing action game with lots of guns to upgrade like shotguns, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper guns and many more. You get in-game weapons like time bombs, grenades and c4 to explode the zombies. Play the game in three modes - easy, normal and hard. Achieve and unlock new achievements after each level. Unlock bonus points for headshots. Beware of the dead city zombies and animals attacking you! Reclaim your lost city! Get ready for the action!

action reflexion zombies guns rifle shooting concentrate survival aim uzi shooting zombies shotgun ak 47 c4 headshot machine gun pistol bullet armed moving target shotgun rifle creature scary

ak 47 armed bullet c4 creature headshot machine gun moving target pistol scary shooting zombies shotgun shotgun rifle

Developer/Sponsor : Box10

Alt Bilgi

Sayfa Süre : 00:00:00.0002815
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