Puzzle Games - Page 9

Play Jack Tube Game

Play Jack Tube Game

Play Araneo Game

Play Araneo Game

Play Draw and Fly Game

Play Draw and Fly Game

Play Once In Space Game

Collect the yellow stars and head for the exit. You can collect only the arrows indicating the sa...

Play Chalky 2 Game

Do you have a good memory for details? In Chalky 2, you will need to memorize the positions of st...

Play Sushi vs Blockies Game

It's reverse Angry Birds! Build a sturdy structure to protect your blockies.

Play Werebox 2 Game

Remove all red shapes off the stage.

Play Cinderella's Rush Game

Game based on the classic fairy tale that every boy and girl knows - the story of Cinderella! Lit...

Play Combo Mester - Alchemy Game

Play Combo Mester Alchemy: pick and mix together as many element you can from the list at the top...

Play Collect The Gift Game

Santa is in trouble! It's Christmas already and he is yet to get the gifts ready for delivery! Cu...

Play Anna Train Station Anime Game

This dress up styled game is all about the Anime style. Putting together the right items will mak...

Play Angelina Jolie Celebrity Makeover Game

Angelina called you the other day to make an appointment in your salon. When she arrives make sur...

Play Sweetland Game

Welcome to Sweetland, a delicious world filled full of candy! Rotate the world and use the gravit...

Play Dynamite Blast 3 Game

The third part of popular game Dynamite Blast. New levels, more fun. Blast towers and vehicles wi...

Play Snoring Game

The animals aren't amused by this sleepy elephant's snoring antics...

Play Sky Minog Game

Play Sky Minog Game

Play Snoring 2 - Winter Edition Game

Who can sleep with that elephant snoring?! Somebody make it stop!

Play Super Sub Hero Game

Play Super Sub Hero Game

Play Snoring 3 - Treasure Island Game

These critters are on a quest for pirate booty. Help them keep their captain awake long enough to...

Play Snoring - Before Time Game

This game is pretty dreamy but it’s so fast-paced that it won’t make you sleepy…

Play Pirates SOS Game

The angry pirate Redbeard enchanted your team and has trapped your comrades souls in bottles. Fre...

Play Orange Gravity LP Game

Collect all lemons using an orange and the rules of physics.

Play Q Compressing The Heart Game

You wake up in a changed world after a stranger has stolen the heart from your body.

Play Soul Shift Game

Transfer souls from one body to another to remove all reds from the screen. Remove all red shapes...

Play Jack The Zombie Game

Save your undead friends by getting rid of all humans.

Play Mushbits 2 Game

Help the bunnies on their never ending quest to gather cupcakes.

Play Nelly Game

Explore the mysteries of a dark fairy tale forest.

Play Mr Tart Game

Help Mr Tart and his strange blue friend to the exit in this challenging puzzle platformer.

Play Snack Time Game

Help little wildboar to grab enough acorns to keep him feed through the winter! Grab at least 3 a...

Play Snake Fight Arena Game

For all those who really enjoyed playing as snakes and eating all kinds of fruits, well, this 2 p...

Play LabyrInk 2 Game

Move the ball through the labyrinth and try to find all 3 parts of the key! Once you've collected...

Play Monstre 2 Game

Use your cannon to fire different projectiles at the buildings! Try to make everything collapse a...

Play LabyrInk Game

Find your way out of the labyrint! Collect all parts of the key to unlock the door to the next le...

Play Moony Boom Game

In the game Moony Boom you have to try to drop the moon into the exit! You can use the various ob...

Play Over The Moon Game

For centuries, cows have had only one dream: to jump over the moon! Now, with the invention of th...


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