World War 3 Game

World War 3 Game

The worlds is at war and you have fight your way through every continent to survive. Start with just a pistol and march through the first continent of your choice. Along the way you will be able to use military vehicles to your advantage. Keep surviving and you will unlock cool weapons like AK-47, Bazooka, and grenades. Obstacles will get tough as you progress through the game so be sure to be tactical in your approach. Use AWSD or the Arrow Keys to move your character and to drive the vehicles. Use your mouse to aim and click the mouse to shoot. R key reloads your weapon, E key to enter vehicles and the number keys 1-4 to change weapons.

action rifle soldier adventure shooting war car driving rpg battlefield army ak 47 rifle killing military upgrade side scrolling guns kids pistol grenade bazooka defense commando

ak 47 rifle bazooka car driving commando defense grenade guns kids military pistol side scrolling upgrade

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